Thank you Lighthouse Labs!



Just wanted to give a big shout-out to Lighthouse Labs for this 21-day challenge! I had a lot of fun and motivation to code on a daily basis and learned quite a few things. Also loved the help forum where I got helped and was able to help others as well!

I loved how you made it like a “story” about and that the challenges were about something interesting (instead of just asking us to create code for no reason).
As a suggestion, it would be fun once the 21-day challenge is done to have a finished product of something (ie. a game, a tool, etc), but that’s just a suggestion!

Thanks again for this!!




Agreed! The story/concept aspect made this challenge much more enjoyable. Thanks for hosting this challenge and for having a forum for everyone to connect over issues. A Great community was built fast and extended learning beyond the challenges.

@SoftShell Consider extending the challenge and using JQuery daily to start creating a “tool”. I have started something which I plan on continuing for the next 21 days to keep the daily habit going!


Awesome pawsome @C_Slater! I actually had ideas to replicate the 21 DCC via. a React App and put together a Git repo. So far, I’ve been experimenting with and learning Mocha/Chai to do some TDD with the functions for each day’s challenge. I’d like to start by replicating the current 21DCC.


Hello, Lighthhouse Labs

I also would like to say thank you for giving me such a great opportunity to get myself involved in a tough but enjoyable 21 days coding challenge!! It took 22 days for me, though.

I hadn’t experienced Javascript well so it was literally challenging but the story made this challenge more fun and the forum community helped me a lot by giving me a lot of useful code examples and clues.

I hope to do this challenge again in the future.

Thank you.


Thanks @noman @kdubss @C_Slater @SoftShell so much for the shoutout! We really enjoyed seeing everyone complete the challenges and share their insight(s) on this forum board and on social media!