Solutions posted after challenge over?


Just curious if there may be a page posted at the end with all of the problems and solutions so that we can learn from the challenge afterward? Sadly I have fallen behind (on day 12) after having to deal with a family emergency, but would still love to see the solutions so that we can learn from the challenge, even if we did not complete it. Thanks!


I have been doing my answers in CodePen, and I wouldn’t mind sharing it in a few days.


Similar to @ajsim, I’ve been copying my answers for the challenges to a CodePen. Wouldn’t mind sharing when the competition is nearing the end! :slight_smile:


Same here, I wouldn’t mind seeing other’s full solutions to determine where I could improve my code base going forward!

Especially because I would also love to collaborate on the below with someone to make a fun little tool from what I have learned. I have begun working on CSS and JQuery as a result of the LHL challenge! The page dynamically builds the visual array from a given GRID on load, replaces symbols with icons, and allows for simple UI interaction. (Haven’t figured out how to label the columns or rows yet! :sweat: )



I would be game to do some colab!


i am interested. tell me what i need to do


@Lighthouse, is this something that is possible? Maybe make it a learning experience for all?


Here are most, if not all, of my answers on CodePen: It’s mostly in chronological order, so you can follow the functions as you go down the screen.

I think most of the answers are intelligible and reasonable. There was one or two where I did something round-about because I wasn’t 100% with some of JS’s built-in array methods.

Tell me if this helps.