Solution Feedback Page


I recognize it is too late for this challenge but I feel it would be valuable to have a page that you can share your solutions with others that have successfully solved the daily challenge. This way you can collaborate and learn potentially more effective or alternative ways to reach the solution. I know personally, I have managed to dramatically clean up my code by a few hints I have read on the community pages.


That’s a great idea!

We try to remove full solutions from this public forum, but having a way to share only with those who have already passed the challenge would avoid that issue. I will suggest this to the development team for future iterations.


Just to add to this line of thought, it would be great for newbies like me if upon successful completion of the daily challenge that a small window/blurb was returned (along with the congrats message) to show how the challenge was approached by the developers (especially in regards to the hint!). I would assume this would be easier to integrate into the current environment as well in comparison to the original suggestion.

For example, Challenge 13 has stumped me for the last 5 hours. I ended up using a nested loop structure rather than the hint of using filter(). The filter() attempt led down a lengthy rabbit hole (filter(), indexOf(), map() etc). While I learned lots during the reading and testing of the single concepts, I couldn’t see how to bring these together for our GRID’s multiple dimensions coupled with the need to return a coordinate array which is based on a values index.

There is great value in seeing the structure of others work in determining new approaches and to allow for deeper research into unknown concepts.

Regardless, the challenges are great so far! Learning lots :slight_smile:


I agree with this idea. I would love to see the challenge creator’s solution, especially as related to the hints. There was one other hint that I couldn’t relate to the solution very well. I can’t remember which one. Challenge 13’s hint was particularly frustrating, however. I did learn a bunch about filter() and map(), which is fantastic, but never sorted how to apply them to the solution. I also used a nested loop to find and push the necessary results to my answer.


Hi @Amiee & @C_Slater,

We’ve been tracking all of the feedback we’ve gotten so far during the 21-Day Coding Challenge and will look into improving the user experience in the future. Thanks again for all the suggestions, they are greatly appreciated!