Rule clarification... started a day late


"Each Daily Coding Challenge can be completed: (i) on the Day it is released; or (ii) on any subsequent Day during the Participation Period after it is released. HOWEVER, TO EARN A DAILY PRIZE ENTRY (DEFINED BELOW) YOU MUST COMPLETE THE DAILY CODING CHALLENGE ON THE DAY IT IS RELEASED. "

If I finished Challenge 1 on Day 2 (Oct 2) and the next challenge doesn’t release for me until tomorrow, does that mean I’ll never be eligible for the daily prize entries? Since it’s not the actual release date?


Hi there,

Yes that is correct, our Coding Challenge was created in order for participants to start a daily coding habit, all beginning on Day 1 (Oct 1st) and then building a habit of coding daily. The draw for the Daily Prizes reflects this concept.

Whether or not you complete challenges, if you register you are still eligible for a chance to win the Grand Prize (Trip to San Fran). If you finish all the coding challenges successfully by October 28th (we gave a 7 day grace period), you are eligible for a chance to win the 3 larger Finalist prizes: MacBook Air, Oculus Rift &Touch System, Samsung Level On Headphones.

There is also a team prize of a $500 Gift Card to the team with the most points at the end of the challenge (Oct 28th).

Thanks for joining the challenge!


Hello, in response to this answer. This seems a bit harsh for someone who missed the first day, as there was no email reminder for the contest start date. Would it be possible to implement a single grace day for those who may have missed one day? The fact that we are now ineligible for the daily prize draw is discouraging especially since it was the first day that was missed.

Thank you!


I agree with Fiona. It does seem a little harsh.


ok yeah I am also in full agreement. I started challenge 1 on day 2 as well.


Yes, I think it would be better if users could unlock the next day’s challenge up to the current day’s actual challenge.

e.g. If it’s day 5 of the challenge and I missed day 4, I could do day 4’s challenge to unlock day 5, and do day 5’s challenge, but day 6 still wouldn’t unlock until it’s actually day 6 of the challenge. In this case, I still wouldn’t be eligible for the daily prizes of day 4, but I would have a chance for day 5 since I did day 5’s challenge on day 5 of the challenge.


Lighthouse Labs doesn’t care at all. They deleted my thread about this and they’ll delete this one soon.


Hi there!

Now that the contest has begun we cannot change the rules. We appreciate the feedback and we will keep it in mind for future challenges.

Hope you are having some fun with JavaScript!