Poor editor user experience on mobile


I’m using Chrome on an Android device.

The editor is really buggy!

  • If I press shift on my soft keyboard (Gboard) it deletes one character before activating shift
  • If I double-tap shift (for caps lock) that counts as two presses so two characters get deleted! Then another when I press shift again to switch caps lock back off.
  • If I press enter it deletes one character before adding the new line


Hi there,

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Our apologies, while we do our best to get the site working on as many mobile browsers as possible. The challenge is a Desktop primary web application once logged in.

Thanks for participating in the challenge!


It is pretty bad, though. I haven’t tried it on iOS to see if it works any better. Maybe the code editor can be replaced with a basic textarea for mobile? Or just don’t display the challenges on mobile at all then?


Would it still run ok on an iPad?
(ie. bigger screen would be less of a problem perhaps?)


I haven’t tried using it on iOS, but if it doesn’t work on a smaller iOS device like an iPhone or iTouch, I doubt it will work any better on a larger one like an iPad. It seems like the code editor is misinterpreting the keystrokes, making shift and enter into backspaces.