Plea to change the challenge release rules


Someone else’s topic on this issue seems to have been deleted, so I’ll try. Please, allow anyone who has completed all of the previous challenges to access the current day’s challenge. I understand that you want to encourage a habit of daily coding and a foster a supportive community of learners, but denying people the opportunity to catch up when they fall behind actively undermines those goals. I’ve finished the first two challenges and would love to participate in today’s discussions about the third, but I can’t join in with the community because I can’t even see the third challenge. I hope that you will reconsider the policy.


The rules actually say: Each Daily Coding Challenge can be completed: (i) on the Day it is released; or (ii) on any subsequent Day during the Participation Period after it is released.

I was surprised to be unable to do todays challenge today and assumed that it was some kind of bug until I came on the forum and saw that others had the same problem.

Is this a bug or a feature @Lighthouse?

EDIT: Looks like I misread this and I’m figuring that subsequent day means the day after the release of the challenge. Pretty disappointing as I didn’t realize this was part of the challenge and was busy yesterday.

EDIT 2: LHL has already responded about this and keep pointing to their T&C which is a bit frustrating as I did read them but was a bit confused by the wording. Hopefully this is communicated clearly next time. Pretty frustrating.


Hi Samvschantz,

We take all feedback into consideration and will definitely keep this in mind if and when we launch future initiatives including the 21-Day Coding Challenge. We appreciate the suggestions.

Have a great weekend.


Agreed this has made it so if you are Ill or have a family emergency for a day you suffer being behind and not part of the active community. Ideally allow people to catch up even without the daily prize to foster collaboration


I totally agree! I ended up being behind because yesterday when I completed the challenge my code didn’t save. So when I logged in today I was not able to complete the new challenge.

Please allow us to catch up. Disqualify us from the daily prizes if you must, but at least allow us to get up to date.


Thanks for your feedback. We’ll take into account for future initiatives! Have a great weekend.


Is there a reason that you won’t allow people to catch up during the current coding challenge? I understand that you don’t want to change the contest rules once it’s started, but why not follow revgman’s suggestion and disqualify us from the daily prizes but allow us to catch up to everyone else?


On the other hand, as I read the Terms, if I start late but thereafter complete one challenge per day,

  • one challenge is being released to me per day, and
  • I am completing that challenge on the day it is released (except for the first challenge)

and I should therefore be eligible for an entry in the daily prize draw for each day I complete a challenge, except the first.


Hi @m_k,

The terms state that “to earn a daily prize entry, you must complete the daily coding challenge on the day it is released.” Happy to clarify further if you have any additional questions.


Right, and for me, Challenge #9 was released today. I have completed it today, and so I should be eligible for an entry in today’s tomorrow’s daily prize draw.


Hi @m_k,

The terms additionally state that “if you want the chance to win a daily prize, then you must earn a daily prize entry in accordance with these rules on the applicable day on which the daily coding challenge is released.” Today, Oct. 11, challenge 11 is released. On Oct. 12, challenge 12 will be released, and so on for the entirety of the 21-Day Coding Challenge.


I strongly disagree: in no practical sense is Challenge #11 released. I cannot access it and I cannot submit a submission for it.

On the other hand, Challenge #9 is released to me today: yesterday I could only access Challenge #8, but today I was able both to view and respond to Challenge #9.

This seems unnecessarily frustrating.

I’m doing what you want me to do: coding every day; you’re denying me the carrot that’s supposed to motivate me to do this.

(I mean, I would also definitely be happy with the request that started this thread. To me, it would have seemed the more obvious way to run the contest. I understand you have pedagogical motivations for mandating it be done in a once-per-day fashion, but I feel unduly penalized by neither being able to do the challenges on the day you consider them released nor to have the ones actually released to me count as having been done on the day they’re released.)


Hi @m_k,

We appreciate the feedback and will take your comments into consideration moving forward for future initiatives. Enjoy the remainder of our 21-Day Coding Challenge :slight_smile:


+1 to changing the drip-feed of challenges to allow those of us who are behind to catch up.

I don’t give a crap about the prizes, you could easily say that anyone who has to catch up is disqualified from all the daily prizes and I doubt anyone would care.

Just let us catch up so our teams don’t get fragmented all to heck.

Our workplace team had a good first week with a really productive series of email threads about the various Challenges, then Thanksgiving long weekend put most of us behind and this week there’s been way less chat and, I’m guessing, a lot of people just quietly dropping out.