Missed Days - 2 and 3


I was only able to do day 1 of the challenge, but I think it started Monday so I missed yesterday and I don’t have access to Day 3 of the challenge = today.


Hi there,

Each day’s challenge builds on the learning from the previous day. In order to unlock the next day, you need to complete the previous day’s challenge. If you completed Challenge 1, then you must complete Challenge 2 next in order to get to Challenge 3. There is only one challenge unlocked per day.

Jennifer, Lighthouse Labs


Yes I know that, but since we’re already in day 3, I haven’t been able to do days 2 and 3’s challenge. So may you please unlock days 2 and 3 for me since I completed Day 1 already and we’re currently/presently in Day 3.


Hello? Are you there?


That’s how the challenge works, the next day’s challenge opens up the midnight after you completed the previous one.


So once we fall a day behind we’re doomed to always be behind?

And that’s going to get worse if we miss subsequent days?

Building daily coding habits is awesome and all, but why deliberately structure it so we can’t ever catch up?


Hi there,

You have until October 28th to compete all the challenges to be entered for a chance to win one of our three awesome Finalist Prizes. Every day you complete a challenge also earns you an extra ballot towards the Grand Prize draw! If you are part of a team, every challenge you complete will also still earn you a point towards your team total until October 28th.

We can’t have all the challenges open to everyone because of several reasons, the main ones being:

  • The challenges build on each other, so Day 2 is based on what you learned in Day 1, we can’t just open up the Day 2 or 3 Challenge for everyone if they haven’t built their way up to it yet.

  • In our “About” Section, you will see that this was designed to be a daily coding habit challenge, releasing one challenge a day is the incentive to return every day to practice coding. The challenge is not about who can do the most coding challenges in one day, it would defeat the purpose of building a habit over 21 days
    –> We understand that some people are doing this with teams. You can totally still collaborate with your team even if you are on different challenges. In our office we are all moving at various paces, with people on Day 3 helping mentor people on Day 1 and even giving them a heads up on what’s to come.

  • Every challenge you complete earns you an extra point for your team and the team with the most points by October 28th is eligible to win an extra team prize. If we opened up all the challenges to everyone, it would be easy for any person (or bot) to come in on Day 21 and do all the challenges in one day, gaming the system to be at the top of the leaderboard

Thanks to everyone for joining the challenge!


I don’t think anyone is saying “It’s day four of the Challenge, I should be able to see all four Challenges even if I haven’t done #1 yet”.

We’re saying “We would like a chance to catch up. If we were a day late in Challenge Two and it is now day three with Challenge Two completed successfully, let us try to get Challenge Three finished on time.”

That is nowhere near your “we can’t just open up the Day 3 Challenge for everyone if they haven’t built their way up to it yet.” case.