Last night the same code failed, this morning it passed. Huh?


I’m not going to post my code here because apparently it’ll just get my post deleted, but yesterday I wrote up code for Challenge #2 and it wouldn’t run at all, I didn’t even get a “That failed, try again” type message.

This morning I re-typed exactly the same code (it hadn’t been saved in Challenge 2 for some reason) and it ran perfectly and I passed…

Except I’m now a day behind and apparently there’s also no way to catch up with the Challenges.

Anyone know why the same JS code would fail yesterday and run today?


The site will automatically log you out after a certain time. I couldn’t figure out why mine wouldn’t go. Then I refreshed the page and had to log in again. No problems.


Well that’s fantastically bogus.

@Lighthouse @LighthouseJr pls fix the silent logout bug, that’s the only reason I missed the Challenge #2 deadline because apparently the code I hacked together was, in fact, working.


Just private messaged you! If this happened to anyone else please message me privately and I will help out :slight_smile:


PM rcv’d and replied to.

Please do update us on the silent logout bug publicly, I can’t be the only one bitten by it.


This also happened to me… didn’t work yesterday evening but worked first try this am…!


Huzzah! Our dev team has notified us that the timing issue has been resolved. We are deploying a fix right now to extend the length of the session. :tada:


Messaged you :slight_smile: I can help out.


Replied to your PM over 10 hours ago but haven’t received a response… any fix for those of us who were affected by the time-out issue yesterday?


I need help as well, I tried to submit my code, but I got a bug, I stil couldn’t fix it.