Keeping Code from Previous Challenges


So for challenge 2, i noticed that the code i used for challenge one was still there so i deleted it and just created new code

After i finish challenge 2, i go back into challenge 1 and i see the code shown there is the same one as in challenge 2

Am I suppose to keep the code and the challenges will just be adding on the code to the previous day?


Keep the code for the next challenge! Each line of code you add will build on what you previously had :slight_smile:


I kept previous code challenges, then I could not submit my new challenge. Again, there are bugs. It’s not necessary to have it.


Hi Lana,

Could you explain specifically what you mean about not being able to submit your new challenge?

You will want to use some of these functions in your code later (it is possible to call one function inside another), so it is best to keep your previous functions. Nothing other than the functions is needed in any of the challenges. No console.log, no need to call your functions, and no need to declare the GRID.

Kind regards,


I could not know when I submitted my code. Even I checked my code product in the console before I tried to submit it, but I still got “code run…but it’s not product correct”. Until I did my removed, my submit was successful. Thanks.