How about changing the daily prizes to weekly then?


Since you only allow us to unlock one challenge per day, how about getting rid of the daily prizes and making them into weekly prizes? Anyone who completes a coding challenge that day (doesn’t matter if it’s challenge one, challenge three, etc) gets entered into a weekly draw for the prizes.

There’s a whole bunch of us who are behind a day and are not eligible for daily prizes right now. I mean, you’re already punishing us for missing a day, this seems more reasonable no?


I think it’s probably too late to change the prizing rules that much now that the challenge has already started, but maybe the “catch up” change is do-able?

I did their last 21 day challenge in Spring, and they have made quite a few improvements since then. For example, the last challenge didn’t have a password reset option, or save your previous code across browsers, or have a help forum. The challenge instructions seem much better this time as well. They didn’t have teams or daily prizes last time, maybe they can’t do much about how those work this time but can use the feedback for the next 21 day challenge?


Just implementing the catch-up change would be fine by me.


Really? It doesn’t seem that hard. Just pile all your daily prizes for this week and draw the winners at the end of the week from everyone who completed a challenge. If you complete seven challenges in a week = you get seven entries into a weekly draw. If you complete six challenges in a week = you get six entries into the weekly draw. And so on and so on.

There’s 21 prizes in a week. Draw 21 winners per week. Come on Lighthouse Labs. A kid could do that. :unamused: @Lighthouse @LighthouseJr


But they’ve already published the contest rules. It wouldn’t be fair to change the contest rules after it’s started already. I don’t think it would be contradicting anything in the rules if they did the catch-up way. Changing daily prizes to weekly prizes is a pretty big change.