Finished the first challenge at 9pm PST last night but got an email saying I didn't complete it in time


I got a reminder email just now and I finished the coding last night. I never got the new challenge either.


I got the same email too! I finished mine at about 10.30pm PST. Not seeing the new challenge today either.


Meet too, my teammates can see it but not me, hope they fix it soon!!!


We are actively looking into it! Thanks for flagging this.


Same! I did my challenge around 10 or 11PM yesterday and was still up past midnight, but didn’t see the new challenge. Then I got the same email as you all did saying that I missed the first one.


I also did mine late at night PST if that helps at all. Same message and no new challenge today :slight_smile:


Thanks for helping us resolve this


Same here, sent at 11 pm and got the message this morning that I had not completed it.


Thanks for letting us know. We’re actively investigating the issue and will get back to you as soon as we can.


Me too please :(( i have the green boat and even got the message that I solved it. Il make sure to be taking screenshots now onwards. Could you please look into mine too. Thanks for working on this :slight_smile:


Same here! Thanks for working to solve this problem!


I’m having the same problem! Thanks for working to figure it out.


I still have the same issue. I already submitted challenge 1 and I received email that I didn’t submit it.


Challenge 2 is available folks!!! Thank you for your patience and understanding. :tada:


Challenge 2 is available!! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding :slight_smile:


I’m still not seeing it… is that because I didn’t finish Challenge #1 until today?