Feedback: Coding challenges not iPhone compatible


I must say that it is very annoying that we are unable to use iPhone to complete coding challenge when it is necessary to use single quotes or double quotes since the coding editor inserts backtick characters and there is no way to copy and paste the valid quote characters.


Hi revgman,

We appreciate the feedback.

Our apologies, while we do our best to get the site working on as many mobile browsers as possible, the challenge is a desktop-primary web application once logged in.

Thanks again for taking part.


Hi revgman,

I was away for the past 4 days (Happy Thanksgiving!) and had to use my iPhone to do the challenges.

Although it wasn’t the best, it still worked.

There are also a few JS apps that let you write and verify your code.

But yes, it didn’t allow me to paste anything, but in the end, still worked.

Hope this helps at all.



Hi SoftShell,

Thanks for letting us know you were able to complete the challenges on your iPhone, that’s great to hear.


In my experience you can not complete the challenges that require you not to use double quotes or single quotes. Otherwise the compiler gives an error saying invalid character. Who knows, maybe I am the only one who is having that problem.


Hi revgman,

No, I had the same issue. But with an iPhone (and I assume other smartphones as well) you can select the type of quotes, whether it be a single, double (pretty or not), etc.

Hope this helps.