Difficulty pacing is too slow/boring


Hi Lighthouse Labs,

Challenges 8 and 9 were extremely predictable and disappointing – there is basically no difference between them and Challenge 7. It’s just the same code, but with “v” or “~” instead of “^”. These last three challenges could have easily been bundled together.

When is the pace going to pick up?


Hi Manveer,

I do not work for Lighthouse Labs at all, but I think that what you have to keep in mind is that the challenge is open for a lot of people, beginners to advanced user (light yourself perhaps).

Although I tend to agree with you (it was rather easy), maybe just keep in mind that it might be very hard for others to learn about what a simple function is. And yes, sometimes doing it 3 times could be a way to get practice and get better at it!


Hi Manveer,

As SoftShell mentioned, we want to keep the challenges fun, engaging and doable for people of all coding levels including beginners who may not have a ton of experience in JavaScript and some of the more basic functions.

Hopefully you find some of the challenges further along in the 21 days to be more challenging and rewarding for you. If not, we appreciate any additional feedback you may have! Thanks again for taking part in the challenge :slight_smile:


Yup I get that. My point is that changing “^” to “v” or “~” is not very engaging if spread over 3 days. At most, this should have been a two day thing.

Challenge 7 was fine. Challenge 8 could have had the other two functions to drill home the fact how similar they are. Challenge 9 was just unnecessary.


Also you guys are a bootcamp, so a faster pace is expected.


@Manveer, keep in mind this 21 day coding challenge is NOT a bootcamp! It’s to get people exposed to the possibilities of using different technologies in a fun and interactive way!
As a developer yourself, you’ll know that repetitiveness is key to picking up coding skills.

Simply have a look through at some of the postings in the help forum and you’ll see that people participating range from a very large specteum of knowledge and experience.

Yes, comments and criticism is appreciated, I’m sure, but remember to be respectful.


Hi Manveer,

Thanks for the additional feedback.

The 21DCC is designed to get people into the habit of coding every day for 15-30 minutes in hopes of continuing to learn in the long-term so the pace can, at times, be a bit slower for those who are well-versed in JavaScript. I should add that the 21-Day Coding Challenge is its own initiative, separate from our Bootcamp here at Lighthouse Labs and does not reflect the pace and material covered over the course of our 10-week program. You can read more here.

Hope you enjoy the remainder of the challenges!


Great points! Thanks for sharing your input, kdubss :slight_smile:


Yes while I already have some dev experience, I’m doing this challenge with someone who doesn’t code and who has never seen Javascript. So I didn’t say anything until she shared these same feelings.

She was able to solve Challenges 8 and 9 in just a few seconds. She even had the solution ready for Challenge 9 before it was released because it was that predictable.

I think you need to give participants more credit :wink:


That’s great that you and your friend are completing each days’ tasks with ease.
Recall that this 21 Day C.Challenge is a nation wide challenge, so thanks for isolating one case where the challenges are too easy.
Also, by your theory, this help forum should be completely blank if the challenges are indeed too boring, too predictable however, I see numerous postings of issues people are having with challenges 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10! Clearly something is not right…or maybe I just predicted wrong.

I’m simply asking for a constructive/respectful tone in your postings.



Chill bro, no offense intended.

I am trying to be constructive. I’m giving specific feedback about how certain challenges are not engaging and how they could be improved (bundling very similar code into two days instead of three).

I don’t see anyone asking for help with Challenge 9 (just one guy providing a tip), and I see just one person asking about Challenge 8 (even then, the person was aware of the concept but just forgot to update a character in his code).

So I’m not sure which posts you’re referring to. It seems pretty clear that Challenges 8 and 9 were not an issue for this community.

Also I never said anything bad about challenges 5, 6, or 7… Don’t take my comments out of context.


No problemo, and definitely not taking anything out of context (especially as each challenge builds on/reinforces concepts from the previous days’ challenge).

Keep up the efforts and enjoy the rest of the 21 DCC!


We appreciate all the feedback @kdubss @Manveer and will certainly take the input into consideration; we feel the thread is getting off-topic so it’ll be closed in 24 hours.

Enjoy the remainder of the challenge :slight_smile:


Honestly, having that series of simple challenges overlap with Thanksgiving weekend was a relief. But I’m enjoying the increased complexity now that the holiday is the rearview.


Glad you’re enjoying the challenges @RebelBeckerton! :smiley:


Ya agreed. Waaaaayyyy toooooo slooooooww! If I was a sloth the pace and difficulty would be perfect.


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