Day 8 help, please


Day 7 and 8 are asking for the basically the same, correct? Return a true or false statement depending on if there is an object in a cell or not (rock for day 7, current for day 8)

MY code ran but didn’t produce the correct result.

This is what I have written, can anyone help?

–admin: removed solution–


is "^" a rock or a current?


FIxed it, thank you!


Woo! Nice work :pray:


This is my code but is not running, I don’t know why… any help?

–admin: removed solution–


Your code is not working because the quotation mark is not compatible with the editors the website uses. Instead of “~” try "~"


I copied and pasted that symbol from the grid itself, if that helps!


I meet the same issues in Day 9 any advice?