Challenge 7 problems


I’ve done similar to what was mentioned in the forums (ie using return result of lightCell === “^”) but it’s not working…

I’m not sure what I’m not doing correctly.


what you have here looks alright. Can you give more information? What is the error you are seeing? Are you getting anything in the console?


It says that my code couldn’t run. Invalid token…


I’ve been having the same issue, I’ve been stuck on it for days. I keep receiving the error:

Your code could not run: “Cannot read property ‘2’ of undefined”


I had an issue where I was confusing the order of columns and rows. Once I swapped their order my code was working.

That said, can you post your lightCell(), isRock(), and any related functions to better understand what is happening?


There might be a punctuation error. Check your quotation marks. Are they curly (“^”) or straight ("^")? Javascript will only recognize the straight quotes.


rockbeckerton is probably correct but if that isn’t the case, I’d suggest checking your brackets or for accidental punctuation


Did you call the lightCell function?
e.g. lightCell('B3') == '^';


How is your lightCell function reading in the coordinate? Can it read double digits (i.e. A10)?


@matsuko is right. The lightCell() needs to be called on a coordinate in order to return true or false (i.e. lightCell("B3") === "^";).

You’ll have to think about the double digit scenario and JavaScript indexing…but since it’s already day 18 of the 21 day challenge, have a look here for some clues.