Challenge #3 - Can't get the correct solution. Need some guidance


Hi all, I am looking for a little help (and possibly clarification). I’ve been working on the third challenge for a bit here and seem to be stuck with the output: “Your code ran but did not produce the correct result.”

I’m assuming that the following code (Challenge #1 and #2) are correct:


My logic for #3:

  • The output asks for ‘width x height’ which is ‘columns x rows’
  • The output asks for the quotes to be included e.g. ‘10 x 10’
  • There is a space between the ‘x’ and the row/column

With this, I created the gridSize() function as follows:


output >> ‘10 x 10’

Testing this out on my own editor it seems to output fine. Am I making any wrong assumptions? Are backticks not supported? I am at a loss here. Please help!

EDIT: solved it. My assumption of the quotes was wrong! Removed my code to avoid spoilers :slight_smile:


Glad you got it! :sunglasses:


For anyone struggling on challenge 3, today’s hint is: make sure the string that is returned has spaces around the x. #21DCC