Challenge 20 Accepted Successfully... But the code I submitted has the warning 'Too many Errors (95% scanned)' What does that mean?


So my code worked great when I tested it. I use a map to clone the array, then I loop through the array using howDangerous() logic to update each cell and gave the answer that was being requested.

I copied my code into the challenge window and it accepted it immediately. Challenge completed. But I noticed a little yield sign on the left. (Is that the JSHint output?) And of course that yield sign says ‘Too many Errors (95% scanned)’

When I Google, it tells me that error comes up when there are just too many errors or warnings for the script to process. But I don’t have any! Zero errors and the only warning I have is the single ‘confusing plusses’ from back in the allRocks() challenge.

So in summary, I’m being told I have too many errors when I don’t have a single error in any other javascript environment and this tool is not indicating any errors for me to address.

So what’s going on?toomanyerrors


You most likely have 1 extra } right by the sign delete one and it should get rid of that.


for me its because i didnt have semi colons ending most of my lines. Your code will run without majority of them, but once i went and reentered them all (throughout the previous days), the error went away


Thanks for the suggestions, but I checked all my parenthesis {} and they matched up. And I checked all my semi-colons ending each line. I did have one missing, but putting that back didn’t change the error.

Oh well, I’ve completed the 21 day challenge so I’m guessing it’s a bug on LightHouseLabs end.


It’s probably a linting error that you can ignore. For example, it might even be that you used tabs instead of spaces (or vice versa), if that’s how they set up the linting rules. It is confusing and they should remove the message from displaying.