Challenge 11 Help


I’ve done challenge 11, but I sort of used the brute force way of solving it, by looping over each element and pushing them to an array and then returning the array.
Is there a better way to map the elements of a column of a 2D array?
below is my solution:

function lightColumn(column){
  var columnContents = [];
  columnNumber = convertColumn(column);
  for (var i = 0; i < GRID.length; i++){
  return columnContents;


I’m no expert for sure, but I don’t think that pushing your items into a freshly initialized array is ‘brute force’. That’s how I’ve done it and I feel like it’s a fine way to do things.


The way you accomplished this is fine. You could have also used forEach to more concisely return an array of column elements. With ES6, you can also use for … of to iterate over arrays in a cleaner way.